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ClienteleHealth is a service dedicated to high-access, personalized healthcare.

In today's healthcare environment, getting to your doctor can be frustrating. Patient to doctor ratios are increasing as the primary care physician shortage worsens. Office waits and time lost from work are increasing, and convenient access to primary care physicians is disappearing. Many primary care physicians must rush through their appointments in order to handle their increasing census of patients.

ClienteleHealth aims to alleviate these conditions - for both patients and physicians. Our mission is to enhance the healthcare experience through easy access, excellent care and extraordinary convenience. ClienteleHealth services provide expedited access to your personal physician in a convenient and reliable manner along with highest levels of service and responsiveness to support a comprehensive, long-term physician relationship with your highly qualified personal physician.

As a ClienteleHealth member, you can enjoy enhanced levels of service, time and attention, same or next day appointments, 24-hour physician availability, confidential e-mail and peace of mind knowing you have a responsive, highly accessible and experienced physician dedicated to your well being.


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