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About Richard D. Glock, M.D.

After growing up in Charleston, West Virginia, Dr. Glock went to Michigan State for his B.S. degree, after which he went to West Virginia University for his Medical Degree. He did his internship and residency with the Jacksonville Hospital's Educational Program (JHEP), which is now the Shands Hospital System. Dr. Glock is board-certified in both Internal and Geriatric Medicine. After completing his residency, Dr. Glock started his practice in 1976 and is now the President and Senior Partner of Internal Medical Group.

Dr. Glock has spent the last 27 years providing outpatient and inpatient care to his patients. He is the past President of the Medical Staff at Baptist Medical Center. He also served as Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine. He has Chaired the ICU Committee, By-Laws Committee, Credentials Committee and has also served as Secretary of the Medical Staff. He has previously been a past member of the Florida Council on Internal Medicine. Dr. Glock was also the past President of First Coast Medical Group. Additionally, Dr. Glock serves as Medical Director for American Heritage Life from 1987 to the present. He presently is a member the Florida Medical Association, Duval County Medical Society and the American Medical Association. He has truly had a life-time commitment to the health and well-being of his patients and to medicine in general.

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