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Our Physicians

ClienteleHealth participating physicians are a select group of experienced, successful physicians committed to uncompromising, comprehensive, personalized care.  Our physicians are highly responsive, service-oriented, patient advocates and are well-versed in the leading health and wellness protocols of the day.

About Our Physicians.

Physicians selected to participate in ClienteleHealth programs include highly regarded and experienced clinicians. Some of the requirements to participate include:

  • Board Certified
  • Have 15 or more years of experience
  • Outstanding relationships with patients

Learn more about our affiliated physicians and why they joined:

Richard D. Glock, M.D.
Internal Medicine

"I joined the ClienteleHealth program to provide patients with more focused, personal attention than modern medicine generally allows. Through this program, patients receive the confidence and security of knowing they can always reach their top quality physician."

More About Dr. Glock

Eduardo J. Balbona M.D.
Internal Medicine

"The ability to practice uncompromising quality medicine is what got me involved in the ClienteleHealth program. Through this program, my patients get a personal relationship with their physician, and I am able to rediscover the joy of medicine."

More About Dr. Balbona

Mary E. Soha, M.D.

"I am committed to comprehensive medical care, and through the ClienteleHealth program, I know that these patients are committed to the same. Patients should enroll if they value one-on-one patient care and education. Also, patients who want to ensure comprehensive care and follow-up will find this program invaluable."

More About Dr. Soha

Richard A. Grochmal, M.D.
Internal Medicine

"I joined the ClienteleHealth program to try to maintain a viable internal medicine practice. I think patients should enroll in this program to maintain access to quality medical care."

More About Dr. Grochmal

For physicians interested in joining ClienteleHealth click here to contact our administrative offices.

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